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Kentucky football 2008 -- Five games I really want


OK, let's face it -- we want the 'Cats to go 13-0. But all games aren't created equal, and some can make a difference in the season all by themselves. Defeating Georgia between the hedges even in Commonwealth Stadium or Florida in the Swamp this year is not an extremely likely happenstance. But for others, I think the odds are better.

So which games do I really, really, really want to win, and think we can? Here's my list:

  1. Louisville -- This was very close between three teams for many reasons, but defeating Louisville in Papa Johns would set the table for the rest of the season in a very positive way. Plus, it would immunize us against too much Cardinal crap should we lose the basketball game in Freedom Hall this year.

  2. South Carolina -- Man, I want that visor, and I want it this year. Spurrier has owned us completely. Yes, we have been close. No, we have never, ever gotten the job done against the Ol' Ball Coach, and I want that scalp ... errr, visor, on our wall. South Carolina has to come into Commonwealth this year, and I'm telling you, the Gamecocks are not that tough. If anybody but the OBC were coaching them, they would be ranked behind us right now.

  3. Tennessee -- Winning down in Knoxville will be hard, but it must be done eventually. Twenty three years is long enough -- it's time for us to give the Vols a chance to start a new streak against us. If you think the OBC's 15-game winning streak against us is ridiculous, try on Fat Phil's 23 year streak (including his years as assistant). Ouch. Time to end it.

  4. Arkansas -- Here is another coaching streak that needs to end. Petrino, the walking ethics cautionary tale, needs to lose one to Kentucky, and I don't care if we can never beat him at our biggest rival -- I want to beat him period. Plus, as well as he recruits, we may not get many chances as good as this one.

  5. Alabama -- Going down to Alabama and winning a ball game would be something we could talk about forever, because it has never happened in all of history. That's right, even when The Bear stalked the sidelines of Kentucky, Alabama never surrendered a game in their home state to the Wildcats. Kentucky has only three wins over Alabama since 1917. Time to make it four.

That's my five. What's yours?


UPDATE Monday, August 04 2008: CocknFire at Garnet and Black Attack, the South Carolina blog, takes issue with #2 above in an excellent rebuttal.