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SEC Power Poll: Coaching results


You can find the overall poll over at Garnet and Black Attack.  If you want a list of bloggers who are contributing to the Power Poll this year, you can find them down on the left sidebar near the bottom, or at

My overall comments are these:

  • I still think Miles deserved to be in the top two based on his body of work.  I don't hate Meyer as the #1 pick, though.
  • #5 is too high for Spurrier given his body of work at South Carolina.  Just sayin'.
  • I don't see how you can put Croom above Brooks.  But there you go.
  • Bobby Johnson has everyone's sympathy.
  • Rich Brooks beats out only Johnson.  His status as the crusty curmudgeon of the SEC (deserved) and general disrespect for Kentucky around the league (hard to say that is undeserved, based on history) had more to do with that than his actual record or accomplishments.

The SEC Power Poll will return every week of the college football season, only from now on, we will be talking about the teams.