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UK Football -- Practice going well.

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Well, the Wildcats seem to be impressing Rich Brooks for the most part, and he seems to be pleased with the way things are progressing.  There are still problems, to be sure, mainly with consistency.  But if Brooks is pleased, that is a very good sign.

One problem is that wide receiver, the position at which we perhaps need the most help, is the most banged up at the moment.  Matt Roark is continuing to do extremely well there, but DeMoreo Ford, E.J. Fields, and Gene McCaskill are all nursing minor injuries and Aaron Boyd is down with mononucleosis.  So there is some concern about reps there at the moment, and since Cobb is mostly a quarterback right now, things are a bit unsettled at the wideout spot.

It's a good sign that Brooks is pleased, but consistently pleasing him is going to be much harder.  Every pre-season has its ups and downs, and the fact that, despite some minor dings, we have mostly had ups does not mean that we are going to march into Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium at the end of the month and hand Louisville their first 0-1 start since 2002.  It means that we can be cautiously optimimistic for the moment.

I am very high on this team, and excited about what I am hearing about the speed, athleticism and skill of our young players.  It's been a very long time since a freshman class really made an impact at Kentucky, and it would be a nice change.