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Kentucky connection -- Former 'Cats scoring in the NFL


Comes now great news from the NFL pre-season, where a number of former Kentucky Wildcat football players are starting to make some noise.

First, Hooper stops by from his Rocky Top Talk blog home and updates us on Wesley Woodard.  Quoth he:

[Woodyard] was the clear star of the non-starters, making a lot of great tackles and being seemingly omnipresent throughout the second half.

Now that is the Wesley Woodyard I remember at Kentucky.  Omnipresent -- great word to describe how he played here, and now he is taking it to the Denver Broncos.  The SB Nation Denver Broncos blog Mile High Report shows Wesley as third on the depth chart at linebacker, but if he continues his great showing, he may well move up before the season is over.

But Woodyard isn't the only former 'Cat making noise.  According to a recent article on The Cats Pause (free), J-Lo and Jacob Tamme hooked up for two touchdowns on Saturday night.  The article also has more on Woodyard, Shane Boyd, Steve Johnson, Keenan Burton and several other recent Kentucky players who are working hard to make their mark in the NFL.

See more below in the related articles.  I'll be updating them as they come in.