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Duke University Fans: Boldly making fun of others while having "Kick Me" imprinted on their foreheads

Well, they have a right to, don't they? I mean, you somehow have to recover from making the undisputed case to a judge that your football team stinks so bad that their contractual representations aren't worth the paper they're written on.

Classifying Duke football, one of the two biggest college sports in the land, as an epic failure is an understatement of such magnitude that even Cardinal fans could agree with us on it. No need to discuss the faults of their highly ranked but equally underachieving basketball team, those worthies having been declared likely failures early in the NCAA tourney last year before the games were played by people who wager money on their outcome.

Yeah, I know.  Duke is an easy target right now but in the doldrums of summer, sometimes it helps just to revel in a little Indigo Diablo loathing, even when only trivially provoked.

UPDATE 01:24 PM:  I just found this:

Krzyzewski also insisted that his Duke team won't suffer because he will be out of Durham for a significant chunk of late summer. The Blue Devils are coming off a 28-6 season in which they ascended to No. 2 nationally, slipped late in the season and for the second straight year failed to reach the second weekend of the NCAA tournament.

Heh.  Schadenfreude is so good for the soul ...

UPDATE 07:30 PM:  It must be "Hate Duke" day.  Seth Stogsdill at UK Wildcat Country gives us his reasons to hate Duke, and they are pretty darn good ones.