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OPEN SHOT: Around the Internet


This is without a doubt one of the laziest and news-bereft Mondays I have experienced in some time.  But in spite of that, we here at A Sea of Blue must go on.

As you know, the Elite Camp was held this weekend at UK, and Marc Maggard has shared a few tidbits of information on how some of the guys did, and what happened.  He has shared this information over at The Cats Pause, and on this slow news day, it is about as close to interesting as I can find.

So with all that said, here goes:

  • Daniel Orton, Terrance Boyd and Donte Foster are apparently extending their trip to Lexington another day.
  • In one game at the camp, Hunter McClintock hit eight 3-pointers -- in a row!
  • Roburt Sallie did not visit UK this weekend (we already knew that).
  • Michael Avery apparently had a slight limp.
  • GJ Villarino had his vertical measured at 40 inches.

All very interesting.  Daniel Orton is especially interesting to me, as he would be a great get for 2009.  We have added some size in Harrellson and Pilgrim, but we could always use more.


GoVolsExtra has this story on former UK coach Claude Bassett, who had his lawsuit for $50 million dollars against the UKAA, NCAA and SEC dismissed by a U.S. District Judge who called it, "ludicrous."  Bassett filed a timely appeal.

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals denied Bassett's appeal recently.  No word on whether they added any more adjectives to describe Bassett's lawsuit, or his behavior.  But the really funny thing is the comments by the Volunteer faithful below the article.

Talk about ludicrous ...


The Loathsome Troll Jeff Goodman says that Matt Pilgrim told him that his transfer to Kentucky was "...official."  Not content just to report this fact, Goodman decides to editorialize on the efficacy of Coach Gillispie's recruiting:

My question is this: Does Billy Gillispie forget that he’s at Kentucky and not Texas A&M or UTEP. He doesn’t need to take chances on players such as Pilgrim. He should go out and get one of the top frontcourt players in the Class of 2009 – such as Daniel Orton, Clarence Trent or even Stephen Van Tresse.

Heh.  I guess Goodman doesn't know that Orton was here for the Elite Camp, and according to Marc Maggard above, will be extending his visit through today as well.

We'll be sure to pass on Goodman's advice to Coach Gillispie properly attributed.  Who knows, with insight like this, maybe Gillispie will hire Goodman as an assistant recruiting coordinator.  He certainly couldn't be any worse at that than he is at his current gig.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some surf to attend to ...

UPDATE June 10th, 3:47:  Looks like the deal isn't quite as done as Goodman and Pilgrim apparently think.