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UK Elite Camp This Weekend and Other News

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Well, that weekend is finally here -- the UK Elite Camp put on by coach Gillispie, particularly anticipated this year because newly minted Internet legend Hunter McClintock will be reporting for what is widely anticipated to be his official workout for Coach Gillispie that will make or break a scholarship offer to UK.

Wildcats Thunder has the scoop on who's who at the camp today, and who will be attending.  There are lots of very interesting young players coming, including Daniel Orton, a UK 2009 center target.  UK commits Dakotah Euton and Vinnie Zollo will also be in attendance, although Zollo will be unable to compete due to his recent broken leg.  He says he is coming to support his future teammates.  Classy.

Also, Roburt Sallie is taking a visit to Kentucky this weekend, and according to this article at Wildcats Thunder, could wind up a Wildcat by early next week.  It's certainly possible, but I think Gillispie will be deciding between Sallie and McClintock -- I don't believe he will take both. 

WT also says that there is mutual interest between recent Maryland decommit Gus Gilchrist and UK.  Since virtually every available player who has not explicitly ruled out Kentucky seems to be connected with Gillispie, I will just have to take a "wait and see" on this as well.  But you know that Billy Gillispie, he do get around.

Well, we have all heard about the dustup between Ron Polk and incoming Mississippi State AD Greg Byrne over the John Cohen hiring.  Well, here is an AP story via the Worldwide Leader that contains even more detail to the rant.  I found this interesting:

Polk, 64, said he was disappointed that Cohen went against his wishes, but put the blame on Byrne.

So it seems that Cohen knew what he was getting into before he accepted the position.  Interesting.  Also, there is a buyout clause in Cohen's contract to the tune of $600,000 that MSU must negotiate, and the only reason it is even negotiable is that UK and Cohen agreed that the buyout was null and void if UK did not break ground on a new baseball stadium by July 1 of this year.  Since it doesn't look like UK will be doing that, I imagine that will give MSU some bargaining power over the buyout amount.  They'll probably settle for around $250,000.  Otherwise, expect a golden shovel at Cliff Hagen on June 31st.

EDSBS has a few comments about this recent Tennesseean story that places Rich Brooks on the "hot seat."  Yeah, you read right.  What can I say?  That David Climer, he really know his SEC football, yah (a little Island lingo for ya there)?  Well, maybe not so much.

Finally, former UK football center Matt McCutchan has joined the UK football staff as a graduate assistant coach.  I think Matt will make an outstanding addition to the staff, and I am happy to see him there.  Congratulations to him.