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Some feedback from the Father-Son basketball camp

A Cats Pause poster has provided a few tidbits of his perception of the Father-Son basketball camp at UK this weekend:

  1. Pilgrim was impressive.
  2. Liggins was there, played pretty well.
  3. Porter and Pilgrim both bench 185# 19 times, best on the team.
  4. Josh Harrellson can shoot and moves well
  5. Meeks and Harris both played very well, Meeks wasn't limping.
  6. Patterson wasn't there, he was at a family reunion.
  7. Miller played the 2, and played OK.
  8. Carter did not play well.
  9. Stewart did fine.

There are some reasons for optimism in there, I think.  I can't vouch for the accuracy of this, just passing on some observations.

Apparently, no report on Stevenson, Galloway, or any of the walk-ons.  I'm not sure why.