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Crawford will exceed NBA expectations -- Bozich has that right.

This article definitely deserves some comment.

I can't quite figure out why Bozich made this article more about Tubby Smith than Crawford. Yeah, he has the arguments about right, but why are we still rehashing those? The players he mentions have moved on, and although I think the world of Smith, I can't quite understand why Gillispie doesn't get at least a token amount of credit here. After all, the Joe Crawford we all knew and had a love/hate relationship with entering his senior season was not at all the Joe Crawford that emerged from the other end. I think it merits at least a mention that Gillispie was partially responsible for Crawford's most recent development.

Still, I do agree with his basic premise -- Crawford is a guy with both the tools and desire to compete in the NBA, and I believe he will. I don't believe he will be an all-star, but I think he will be a good player and have a fairly long career, to the surprise of many.

Whoever gets him will be glad they did.