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Stories of local interest from around the 'Net

Here are some stories of local interest.  I apologize for the tardy post, but I was away from the computer for 4-5 hours longer than I anticipated:

John Clay, in his Sidelines blog, has some thoughts on Derrick Jasper, and Patrick Sparks' DUI arrest in Bowling Green.

For a write-up on the UK Bat 'Cat loss to Arizona go here.

Final Bat 'Cat season statistics can be found here.

Larry Vaught has some thoughts on Derrick Jasper leaving, and what it implies for UK.

Eric Crawford has a bit more sinister look (well, maybe "sinister" is too strong of a word) at Jasper and his injury.

Enjoy the links, tomorrow they will be up earlier, I promise.

UPDATE:  Greetings from Oahu!  I will try to keep the news links more current.  I just got the computer fully up and functional (I had to go buy a wireless router, I simply cannot stand sitting indoors when it is so beautiful on the lanai outside).

Expect better links updates and even a post or two shortly.  We are finally getting settled in.