Both Euton, Jackson ineligible at Scott Co.


The Kentucky High School Athletic Association has issued a "clarification" as to why it declared Chad Jackson and Dakotah Euton ineligible to play at Scott County high school. Apparently, it was "because Euton's desire to attend Scott County -- based on public statements by his father, Clay -- was motivated in part to play basketball at the school, the waiver was denied." Well. So what this is telling us is that all Mr. Euton had to do for his son to be eligible was to keep his mouth shut about his motivations. His real motivations don't matter, apparently, unless he tells the media about it. Does anyone but me see anything wrong with this logically bankrupt and autocratic cesspool that is the KHSAA? Please tell me that it was some other reason, really, like an attempt by the Scott County coach to recruit Euton. Or that Euton's father lied about losing his job. Or that some unethical Scott County booster convinced Euton's parents to come to Scott County by promising them employment. Please tell me that the excuse given by the KHSAA is not the real reason, because if it is, I would like to see a full investigation into this organization beginning right now. Get the Jack Conway on the phone. This is a sad state of affairs in Kentucky, and the lack of outrage is even more staggering. Where the heck are our legislators? The Herald-Leader has done yeoman's work exposing the incompetence of this organization. How 'bout a little good, old-fashioned resentment here? This is wrong. It needs to be fixed.