KHSAA rules Euton ineligible at Scott County


This was reported earlier in the Roburt Sallie FanPost, but I thought it deserved a place on the front page. The KHSAA has gone so far as to tell schools that they may be punished even when a court order requires them to permit a player to play. Imagine that for just a moment, and you will have an idea of the arrogance of this organization. In fact, the KHSAA has fined and forced Fort Thomas Highlands to forfeit games for obeying a similar court order. That was a clear case of moral turpitude by the KHSAA. This is just wrong. Court orders should supersede any such organization's authority, and if they do not, the rules and procedures should and must be changed. The Lexington Herald-Leader had this excellent exposé on the KHSAA the other day which we linked here down in the news section. It now becomes much more germane when a UK athlete is subjected to the apparently arbitrary depredations of this organization. Their raison d'être is certainly noble and valid (preventing cross-school recruiting), but they have clearly engaged in a power grab that must be stopped. Parents and legislators are angry, and lawsuits are being filed every day. Time for the Kentucky Legislature to step in with hearings and/or legislation if the KHSAA refuses to modify its behavior. UPDATE Wednesday, June 18 2008 12:11 AM: Chris Diggs at the Courier-Journal Wildcats blog weighs in. Jody Demling also has more detail in the CJ. If this is as it seems, some KHSAA commissioners need to join the ranks of the unemployed. Enough is enough.