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Who we have, and who we have coming in

A Sea of Blue contributor Slim Wagers, after reading my post from below on Gillispie and friends, wondered why I did not include information about the scholarship situation at Kentucky.  Well, I was going in a different direction at the time, but upon reflection, I think Slim is right. 

So for Slim, and others who care, here is the current UK Basketball roster, along with the "forward thinking' commitments.

Current UK Roster  .

J. Carter -- Senior                                           A.J. Stewart -- Sophomore

J. Meeks -- Junior                                           P. Patterson -- Sophomore

M. Porter -- Junior                                           J. Harrellson -- Sophomore

P. Stevenson -- Junior                                   D. Miller -- Freshman

K. Galloway -- Junior                                     D. Liggins -- Freshman ( has yet to qualify)

R. Harris -- Junior

These young men represent players on scholarship.  Hampton University transfer Matthew Pilgrim is currently on-campus, but nothing official has been announced regarding his status.


2009/'10                                                            2011/'12

Jon Hood -- G/F 6-7                                        Vinny Zollo -- F 6-8

G. J. Vilarino -- G 6-0                                       2012/'13

2010/'11                                                             Michael Avery -- G 6-4 

Dakotah Euton -- F 6-8

Dominique Ferguson -- F 6-9

K.C. Ross-Miller -- PG 6-0