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Bells & Whistles

In case you haven't noticed, there are tons more doodads and whatchamacallits here at A Sea of Blue. I know that the post conversion FanPost was a bit much to read. I wanted to take a moment and highlight some of the cool things for the ASoB community to use.

fanshot column

You have to try out these FanShots. These are videos, images, links or other things that you'd like to share with the ASoB readership. These are great if you want to share a story that you read, or something else that isn't very wordy and worthy of a FanPost. (Of course, feel free to comment with breaking news in the most-recent story like before. FanShots don't replace what we've done in the past.) You fan find the FanShots in the grey toolbar just below the top of the page, or look in the right-hand column for the FanShot box (as pictured, left).

Sharing a YouTube video can be a little confusing. It took me a few seconds to figure out what you need to do. On your YouTube video page (example video), look for the light gray box immediately to the right of the video. There should be an "Embed" text field, which contains the proper HTML code to embed the video into a web site. Copy that into your clipboard, and then paste that into the "HTML Embed" field in the FanShot.

Also, the Recommendation system looks to be really cool. If you really like somebody's FanPost (formerly the Diaries) or FanShot, you can recommend it so that it stays at the top of the list for a while. Now you too can be popular!



UPDATE 05/10 9:26:  Just a quick note -- please don't use FanPosts or FanShots to post any copyrighted photos or other copyrighted media.