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Are we having fun yet?

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Now that A Sea of Blue has migrated to it's shiny new home with all the bells and whistles that can be imagined, I suppose I should start to do my job and talk a little bit about UK.

First off, the lingering hangover from the Tipton debacle.  Marc Maggard took me to task yesterday at his site, Kentucky Ink, for what I wrote about Jerry Tipton.  We exchanged a number of posts on his site, and ultimately agreed that I would appear on his radio show on Monday at 7:00 PM.  I still don't really know the procedure for doing this or where it can be heard, but I will update you on this as I have time to figure it out.

For just a little more on the story, AOL Fanhouse's Michael David Smith has thoughts.  Too bad he didn't read my recent post on the subject.  Or maybe he did.  Who knows?

Moving on to real UK news, Matt Jones had this interesting comment today on his blog:

(2): Billy Clyde was on the Scott Van Pelt show and said that UK would honor commitments of young players, regardless of their development. That means that if Avery, Zollo, Miller, Euton, etc dont develop, they still will be coming to UK. That is good from an ethical standpoint, but sure puts a LOT of pressure on the staff to identify talent early on.

Now, those of you who know my thoughts on this subject probably realize that this kind of thing makes me a bigger and bigger fan of Coach Gillispie.  What he is saying here is that he will keep his word.  That means a lot to me, and aught to stand as a shining example to the rest of the coaches taking early commitments.  How 'bout it, 'Ol Roy, Tim Floyd and the rest of you college coaches out there?  Jump on that band wagon and make us all proud.

John Clay has a story over at his blog Sidelines which brings to our attention the fact that Billy Donovan still hasn't signed his contract extension.  Donovan's excuse?

Donovan has changed attorneys since the extension was negotiated, which has played a part in the delay.

Ah.  OK then.  But wouldn't it be cool if Gillispie beat him to the punch?

Lots of thoughts over the last few days on committing young.  I'll just link dump these and you can read them if you're interested, and haven't:

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  • Courier-Journal -- Eric Crawford
  • Rivals -- Jerry Meyer (free)
  • Arizona Republic
  • Armchair GM
  • I need to make a post on Jon Hood, which I will soon, I promise ...


    UPDATE:  The Big Lead links us in a story about Tipton.

    UPDATE 05/08 3:16PM:  The Cats Pause is reporting that Gillispie will have a press conference tomorrow morning.  Nobody is sure why.