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Ann Arbor Regional -- Kentucky vs. Michigan and Kentucky vs. Eastern Michigan Open Game Thread


Here we go, the official A Sea of Blue open game thread for Kentucky vs. Michigan in the NCAA baseball tournament.

I found a truly awesome overview of the Ann Arbor regional here.  It may take a while to read, but it is worth it.

You can follow the action at, starting with the bracket view here.  From there, you can follow the games in progress as the scores are updated live. also has links for live audio and live video.   I was lead to believe there would be no video, but give it a try.  Live stats are also available here.

Unfortunately, I still don't have a batting order or an official list of starters.  John Clay's blog will be doing some live blogging of the game, so you may want to check in there periodically as well.

Game time is 7:00 PM.  Time to take it to the Wolverines.  Post your comments below.

Go Cats!

UPDATE Saturday 31 May 2008:  Play was suspended by bad weather last night, and play will resume at 11:00 PM with UK down 5-1 in the bottom of the 5th inning with runners on 1st and second, 2 down and a 3-1 count on Michigan's 3rd baseman.

UPDATE Saturday 31 May 2008:  Check out this liveblog of the action prior to the restart at Sidelines to get up to date with the action.

UPDATE Saturday 31 May 2008:  Kentucky loses to Michigan 7-5.  Once again, the Cats proved their starting rotation is their weakness.  Despite all the rest he had, Rusin pitched only 1.1 innings and had 5 earned runs.  Lovett came on in relief and gave the 'Cats a chance, but too many stranded runners (particularly in the 3rd and 6th) and an unproductive 9th inning when the meat of the lineup was batting.  Congratulations to the Wolverines.

Kentucky now plays Eastern Michigan at 2:00 PM in an elimination game.  Continue to post in this thread.