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Wooooo! 'Bama vs. Kentucky Game Thread

As the South Carolina/Vanderbilt game wraps up, I figured I'd put out a Game Thread for those of you who want to comment along with the crucial rematch with the Crimson Tide. I'll be listening along with the audio stream, but you may want to watch it on the boobtube. (Remember, my fellow Lexingtonians, that tonight's game will be shown on Fox Sports Network, and not on the Insight channel 17.)

Updated 12:22 AM Saturday: Revenge is a dish best served cold, and it is very cold in Hoover. Kentucky gets spanked 13-4. Kentucky's pitchers got very little help from the defense, which committed several costly errors. Just a bad night for the Wildcats, which ends their SEC Tournament experience this year.

Let's hope the Wildcats can smooth out these problems before the NCAA Tournament.