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Will it ever end? I'm thinking no ...

New names are appearing on the recruiting and transfer radar with astonishing regularity.  We have Matthew Pilgrim.  We have Wesley Johnson.  We have Hunter McClintock.  Now we have Malik Story and Curtis Kelly.

Of the two most recent players, Curtis Kelly would seem to be the best prospect.  He has decided to transfer from UConn, and in 2006 when he matriculated there, he was a Rivals 5-star wing forward out of New York's Rice High School, the same high school that former UK skyscraper Shagari Allene went to.

Kelly was recruited by most every big-time program around, including North Carolina, Texas, UConn and Louisville.  Kelly is a superior athlete with an NBA body at 6'9" 230#.  Out of high school he was projected to be a wing player, but he has obviously turned into a prototypical college 4.  Kelly is also said to be a good ballhandler, always a plus.  Kelly will be taking visits to Kentucky, Kansas State, UNLV and possibly one other school.

Malik Story, on the other hand, is a former USC commit (a Rivals 3-star)  who is said to possess a very nice jump shot, but lack athleticism and lateral movement.  Story really isn't able to get his own shot, but can really stroke the ball and has good judgment about what is a good shot and what isn't.  He has good size at 6'5" and a solid body, but doesn't have explosive jumping ability or quickness.  He is also said to possess some attitude problems, but I have not been able to confirm that.

Just add all that into your calculus, for what it's worth.  Me, I'll advise Gillispie to take the big guy if he asks.  But I'm betting he won't.