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Beware of the Diamond Girls! UK vs Ole Miss Tonight

What you see before you is the most dangerous foe the Wildcats will be facing tonight: the Ole Miss Diamond Girls. After one very late night in Alabama, will our Big Blue Heroes have the fortitude to keep their eyes on the ball? Will the Oxford Sirens sing a spell so powerful that it causes Collin Cowgill to start chasing butterflies in the outfield?

Tune in tonight, Wildcat Fanatics! The game is scheduled to start at 8PM Central/9PM Eastern, but expect the start time to be pushed back. You can watch the game on the CSS cable channel, if you happen to have it. (Those of us who live in the Mecca that is Lexington -- Lexxa? -- can see the CSS broadcast on Insight cable channel 17.) You can listen to an audio streaming broadcast and get live stats at, or you can see the story for more broadcast info.

One note that might have slipped through the cracks today: Cowgill and Sawyer Carroll have been named semifinalists for the national Golden Spikes award. The semifinalists consist of the top 50 collegian baseball players according to USA Baseball. This award nomination along with the other nominations for Cowgill and Carroll highlight how special these two players are, and the remarkable change that Coach John Cohen and his staff has made to UK Baseball.

If you can make it, join your fellow ASoB'ers for some live chatting during the game in the comments.

And I know you all have already clicked on that picture above. Twice. You weak-willed sinners!