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Pilgrim? Johnson? Is there anybody out there?

What's going on with these guys?

Well, apparently Pilgrim is having an issue with his classes.  He apparently has the appropriate number of hours, but UK doesn't appear to have a degree program that fits them.  He has to wind up 40% toward a degree program to be eligible to come here.  Marc Maggard is saying that UK is working hard on the problem, and expects to get a resolution.  Others are not so sure it is resolvable.  I personally have no idea, but that's where we are.

Wesley Johnson, as FGM reported yesterday, denied being in contact with UK's staff, or anyone else.  So he left school with no idea where he might go to play?  I suppose it's possible.  Not terribly plausible, but possible.  But there is no real official or unofficial word on that subject other than Brett Dawson's story, so there is really nothing to report.

How about this new "under the radar" guy Hunter McClintock that Matt Jones discussed over at Kentucky Sports Radio the other day, complete with highlight reels?  Again, I don't know.  UK would seem to be in need of a point guard, and a scoring point guard who somehow managed to escape the notice of Scout and Rivals would seem to fit the bill just fine.  The reason we would seem to need a point guard is that Jasper has not officially left UK yet, and Liggins has not scored high enough on college entrance exams to fully qualify.  So it appears that we are in a state of "wait and see" on this situation, which I consider to be the linchpin of next year's success, or lack thereof.

McClintock is essentially a complete unknown to the major scouting services.  This isn't exactly unheard-of, but it is pretty rare for a major division 1 talent to slip completely through the cracks.  However, there is a growing list of schools who have suddenly expressed interest in this young man, including Indiana, North Carolina (reportedly), and Boston College.

This has got to be one of the strangest, most action-packed recruiting years I can ever remember.  Names flying all over the place from every conceivable direction, allegedly amazing talents popping up dandelion-like from nowhere.

Looks to me like Billy Gillispie has brought the wild, wild West with him from Graford ...