Bob Hill of the C-J takes a swing at Gillispie -- and hits only air

Comes now Bob Hill, mostly a political and culture commentator at the Courer-Journal, to scold college basketball coaches in general and Billy Gillispie in particular for recruiting so young.  Fortunately, his argument is so bankrupt it only takes a second to dismiss it.  Quoth he:

Does Harvard offer four-year scholarships to eighth-grade business tycoons with an eye on an MBA?

Does the Juilliard School guarantee full academic rides to eighth-graders adept at dance, drama or music? Would Northwestern University or the University of Missouri offer a budding eighth-grade journalist four years of free education?

Recruiting eighth-graders is nuts for any reason at any school -- even as we all realize it's long been done in athletics at the high school level. It's been the subject of years of angry debate and attempted legislation in and among private and parochial schools in Indiana and Kentucky.

Two words for you, Bob -- child prodigies.  Academic and arts institutions like the ones you name have been fighting over these young talents for years.  These young people actually enter college at the ages we are talking about guys like Avery merely deciding on one.

Spare me the nonsense, Bob.  Go back to writing about things you have at least a puncher's chance of having an informed opinion about.