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A bit of housekeeping

While everyone has been fascinated by all the neat, new features of the SBN 2.0 platform, I want to briefly mention a few other things, including a few old things that are new again.

One "old" thing that is back is the Google news shared items.  It is located on the right sidebar just below the FanShots.  I update that thing pretty often with stories I think might be interesting.  They aren't always UK related, but most of them are.  By clicking on the "Read More" link at the bottom, you can get all the stories that have scrolled off the box.  I purge that thing about once ever couple of weeks, so you will sometimes see just a few items there.

Also, the FanShots thing is very cool.  Like FGM said in this earlier post, you can put in pictures and links to videos.  But you can also put in things like links to articles, chat transcripts, lists of things and quotes from people.  All the little things that usually wind up as an unrelated comment in a regular post can go there, and get "front page" treatment.

Finally, the Bio section of your account is something you should all consider writing a paragraph or two about.  If you don't want to disclose your identity or whatever, fine, but if you find the time, do write something about yourself in there.  It's always a great thing to learn a little something about that member who just made a brilliant comment.  It can be anything others might be interested in -- why you chose your avatar, what you do for a living, how you fell in love with the Cats -- whatever.