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OPEN SHOT: Discuss the Wildcats



Lots and lots has happened this week.  New blogging platform here at A Sea of Blue, the whole Tipton thing, Jasper probably leaving, Jon Hood committing ...

The list of things to discuss seems endless lately.  On thing is for sure, the whole recruiting thing for coming years has been rendered a lot less interesting.  If Gillispie continues at the rate he is going, he will have the classes for the next three years filled by the end of the summer.

  What a concept -- not having to live and breathe recruiting every waking moment.  I for one am ready to move on to some other subject.

So what did you want to talk about again?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot:  Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there.


Here is a guy who gets it.  I wonder why some feel so unencumbered to misbehave on the Internet.  Maybe everyone should be required to post comments under their real name.  That would probably change the tone from disrespect to discourse in a hurry.