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OPEN SHOT: Early start on tonight's championship game

Well, there just isn't one heck of a lot of Wildcat-related news out there today, and I have spouted enough opinion for at least one more day.

Tonight, it's Kansas and Memphis playing for the big prize.  That pleases me.  Both teams have been very good all season, and both teams defeated very tough competition to get into the final game this year.  I really don't care which team wins, myself -- I picked Memphis in my bracket, but even if I get that right, nothing can rescue the debacle that was my 2008 picks.

This should be a very entertaining game with both teams fond of pushing the ball up and down the floor.  Derrick Rose has become just amazing right in time for March, much as Ron Mercer did for the 1996 Wildcats.  Kansas wore out a very talented UNC team to the surprise of almost everyone.  Both teams are talented and deep.  I suppose I would give the edge to Memphis because I believe they are slightly more skilled overall, but the difference is very small.

So who will I pull for?  I have no idea.  Maybe one or the other can win me over, but at this point, either one could win and I would be just fine with it.  Both teams have done a great job this year, and both teams are going to lose a whole lot after it's over.

So what are your thoughts?