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Woodson: Steal of the draft?

Via the Big Blue View, the SB Nation New York Giants site, at least one NFL analyst thinks the Giants got a steal with Woodson, and that he will turn out to be the best QB in the 2008 draft:

I am saying that Woodson was certainly not deserving of being the 12th quarterback taken in this draft. He deserved much more.

And I believe he will become the best quarterback in this draft.

Strong words, and this has to make André feel better after slipping to the 6th round.  Speaking of that, how did André feel about where he went in the draft?  Not too good:

"I was at my mom's house watching the draft and about midway through the fifth round I got in my car and drove the hour and a half or so back to school," Woodson said. "I was feeling pretty low. I came in and turned on the draft again and within about five minutes, they called my name. And just like that, I'm a Giant.

"Obviously, it was a long draft. It was draining. I thought I would go midway in the second round or no later than the fourth round. I don't know what teams saw in my game that they did not take me. But I've got a great opportunity with the Super Bowl champions to work with a great coaching staff and with great quarterbacks, including Eli. Sure, I think a lot of teams blew it. They missed on a good quarterback. I definitely plan on proving that."

Congrats to the Giants and to Woodson.  I think he will do well there.