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Recruiting update

Rivals has an article on Harrellson's visit to Saint Louis today.  Probably premium, but that's life.

The bottom line is that he had a good visit, likes some things about SLU and some things about Kentucky.  He seems aware that waiting a long time to decide is bad for UK, so we can expect a decision soon.  UK has been in touch with him since he left SLU.  Based on the interview, I cannot see a reason to believe that UK's status as the leader has changed, but the kid is playing his cards pretty close to the vest in public.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Also, Hasheem Thabeet has decided to return to Connecticut.  Will this affect Majok's decision?  Maybe.  We just don't know.  Majok is en route back to Australia to visit his folks.  There has been talk of a possible visit to UCLA on his way out, but I think the odds of that are 70-30 against.

Update [2008-4-27 18:36:45 by Truzenzuzex]:  Matt Jones is reporting that Harrellson expects to make a decision on Tuesday.

Update [2008-4-27 19:7:21 by Truzenzuzex]:  UK won the baseball series against #10 Vanderbilt today.  Great news for the Bat Cats.