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Your Louisville-Centric Post of the Month

Since Tru loves his hometown Cardinals just slightly less than the Wildcats*, I thought I'd throw out a few tidbits concerning our beloved rivals:

I steal all my Louisville news from the most excellent Card Chronicle; I recommend the same to you, good readers.

Finally, a point of discussion for you Wildcat faithful. From all accounts, the new Barnstorming Event is going along swimmingly. From what little I've gathered, Louisville doesn't offer the same kind of fare-the-well tour for its basketball seniors. Which is kinda sad; who wouldn't want to boo David Padgett one last time, for old times sake?

Would it be too much to ask to try and schedule a Barnstorming event that included the UL players? You could have it held in Louisville, and have the old foes battle back and forth for a half. Then bring in the regional all-stars and combine the UK and UL teams. (Now that's a scary thought, huh?)

And why limit it to just Louisville players? How about bringing in Courtney Lee and the rest of the great WKU seniors for a stop near Bowling Green? That would make each event unique for the region and promote the state of Kentucky as the state that loves basketball. I think the Barnstorming basketball spotlight is big enough to share with all our in-state players. What do you think? (Share in the comments, of course!)

*This statement is somewhat false. Tru does not love the Cardinals teams, insomuch as he loves Rick Pitino**.

**Tru was lying in this article. He has a full cardboard cutout of Ricky P standing by his bedside. I've seen it with my own eyes.