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Together We Cheer

I would like to begin by thanking Tru for asking me to join him on the front page. Hopefully this "promotion" will not cause his decision-making abilities to be questioned. I do truly appreciate the opportunity to voice my thoughts and opinions on such a high quality, consistently excellent site.

Secondly, several contributors have already offered their support and congratulations via the comments section or email. For this I am very humbled and thankful. I am unable to articulate how much I have enjoyed the discussions here at ASoB. To have a place to dissect the activities of UK Athletics without the worry of juvenile commentary, is truly a blessing for this fan. Which is exactly what I am....a fan.

Ever since I can remember I have been a UK fan. My father played baseball at UK in the 60's, so my indoctrination as a fan began at an early age. He was on a road trip through Florida when I was born, so right away I knew his priorities were out of whack. Just kidding pops. Those same priorities were passed along to me, his oldest son; family, God, and Kentucky basketball.

We have all rejoiced in the championsips and great wins, and experienced the indignation of losing games no one thought UK would lose. We have all screamed in anger at the television or radio, and we have all jumped off of the couch in jubilation at a game-winning shot. We have all cursed the officials, or questioned the coach. We have all adored the players who wear the jersey with pride, and abhorred those who scoff at effort. We have all lived through the uncertainty of coaching changes, and the embarrassment of probation. But, we have all navigated through the hell-fire, to welcome the bright sunshine of unexpected success.

Through this journey of fandom we have learned something; there is nothing else in the world like being a Kentucky basketball fan. The vividly felt emotions, whether they be celebratory, or downright depression, seem to exist to a higher degree in Kentucky fans. Perhaps it's because our passion is ingrained in us at a very young age, passed down from father to son, or mother to daughter, that creates this Kentucky fanatic chromosome. Whatever the reason, I am thankful to be in possession of such rich genetic material, for there is nothing else in this rather large world that can bring the joy that a UK win brings. Especially if the opponent is donned in red and black, or wearing a disgustingly orange blazer.

Together we go forward. Together we live and die with our team. Together we are happy, together we are sad. Together we are eternally tied to one another through our love and support of The Program. Together we bleed blue, and thank God for the blessing of being surrounded by others who understand.

Thanks for reading, and GO CATS!