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A sad day in Kentucky

Kentucky equipment manager Bill Keightley has passed away.  He died last night at 7:45 PM in Cincinnati of internal bleeding caused by an undiagnosed tumor after he fell down on the way to a Cincinnati Reds game.

Bill Keightley was 81 years young.

I know everyone will be as sad about this as I am.  At this point in time I am not prepared to write a long article about Mr. Keightley, but I will be updating this post with news stories about this unhappy day as events unfold.

Our sincerest regrets and prayers go out to the Keightley family and friends, of which there are very, very many.  May God hold you in his hands, and ease the pain of his passing.  All Wildcat fans will surely miss him on the sidelines.

[editor's note, by Truzenzuzex]  If anyone has written a tribute to Bill Keightley on their blog that is not listed here, please comment below or email me and I will post a link to it.

Thanks to all who have written in memory of Mr. Wildcat.