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Smoove makes a change

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I was amazed at Ramel Bradley's play during the the most recent game with Tennessee, and in fact, the last two or three games.  Ramel seems to be making a conscious effort not to try to go up-tempo.  It's clearly against his instincts to play at the pace that Kentucky's injury situation has left the team in.  Very often in games earlier this year, you would see Bradley try to get the tempo up all by himself by getting out on the break and trying to go one-on-three or one-on-four.  That was what I called "Bad Ramel" taking over.

But in his last few games, his tendency to do that has lessened dramatically, and in the Tennessee game, it disappeared altogether.  I saw Ramel do something I have rarely seen him do all year -- pull up and wait for his teammates.  He ran what Gillispie wanted at Tennessee with discipline and against every New York City instinct he has, and did a great job.

Ramel Bradley will never be a great passer, nor will he ever be great at getting the ball to his teammates in scoring position.  What he has learned to do well is execute the instructions Billy Gillispie gives him, and lead the team.  He may never be Jason Kid, but right now, I am just very happy with the new Ramel Bradley and his headier, steadier play.  I think that Ramel and Coach Gillispie are now almost totally on the same page, and if you recollect just a few short months ago, we couldn't even be sure they were reading from the same book.

Bradley and Crawford.  Crawford and Bradley.  Where this team goes now will be where those two seniors lead them.