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OPEN SHOT: A few tidbits for fun

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According to this site, Paintsville's Landon Slone has decided to walk on at UK.  Jodie Demling recently discussed this possibility.

While I believe the guy above, this right here is another matter.  I think every UK fan would love to have a player like Stephen Curry at UK, but let's get real, guys -- Stephen is not walking through that door, and guess what -- Tubby Smith didn't recruit Curry while he was at UK (but wishes he had).  Now, there's a shock.  All this Curry angst is good for a giggle.

Update [2008-3-31 17:26:56 by Truzenzuzex]:  Incorrect link fixed.

Then, there is the story that just won't die.  Bleh.

Here's an Atlanta Falcons fan who thinks Woodson will fall to the third round, and thinks he would be a great pickup there.

This doesn't prove anything about my complaint below about semi-home games, but it does add a bit of fuel to the fire.

I neglected to mention that Darren Horn is expected to be announced as the new South Carolina Gamecocks coach tomorrow.  It's hard to blame anyone for taking a 600K+ pay hike.   Thanks to several readers for bringing this to my attention.

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