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Time to talk a little spring football

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Here in Wildcat country, we love our football.  We just don't love it quite as much as basketball.

The news coming out of early spring training is good, and there are lots of interesting things to talk about.  First, we have this article in the Herald-Leader today, which briefly discusses the expected competition at quarterback, and some changes Brooks is thinking about making.  Here are the main ones of interest:

  • E.J. Adams to wide receiver -- Adams was mostly an offensive player in high school, having played every offensive skill position except tight end.  Brooks seems to think that due to the lack of experience at WR and the apparent depth we have at the corners with Ahmad Grigsby back from health problems, David Jones looking so so strong in the early practice and Randall Burden rapidly improving.

  • A.J. Nance from MLB to fullback -- Currently third on the MLB depth chart, Nance played some fullback in high school, and at 5'11"/250#, he certainly has the body for it.  I wonder if this is the first step in moving John Conner to tight end.  Conner is a bit short for the TE position, but he is a good blocker, and has great hands.  He was a valuable spot-duty receiver last  year and made a spectacular catch against Florida.  There has also been speculation that perhaps #2 fullback Maurice Grinter may be moved to TE rather than Conner.  But this move does look like an attempt to shore up depth at the fullback position with an eye toward moving either Conner or Grinter to TE.

  • Matt Lentz, recruited as a quarterback, is going to give the safety spot a try.  Apparently, he broke his thumb last year and has not been able to throw the ball as well since.  There is currently a logjam at QB with Curtis Pulley, Will Fidler and Mike Hartline all fighting for the spot.  Plus, Brooks has promised freshmen Randall Cobb and Matt Roark a look at the spot, which potentially makes it a very competitive position for the foreseeable future.

Then, there is this article in the Kentucky Kernel that talks about how the players are dealing with the absence of the seniors that they grew up having around.  Of course, we go through this every year when Kentucky's seniors move on to bigger and better things, but this year is a bit extraordinary with the loss of so many guys collectively having a huge impact on Kentucky's climb out of the cellar of the SEC into a mid-pack competitor.

I'll be watching as spring training continues, and update everyone as they become available.  Wildcat football is becoming exciting again, and as we move from dusk into the Long Night on the dark side of Planet Basketball, football spring training will draw news and interest.  I am excited with our football recruiting class and the possibility that this team may even be better, overall, than last years' due to a significantly deeper and likely better defense.  How the offense will pan out with the loss of Woodson & Co. remains to be seen, however.