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OPEN THREAD: Discuss the NCAA tournament

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South and Midwest brackets tonight.

Memphis vs. Michigan State is an interesting matchup if you are not a Kentucky fan.  I could care less who comes out of that one, but I suppose that due to my loyalty to the South (and the fact I picked them to win it all in my bracket), I'll have to pull for Memphis.

Stanford vs. Texas is another one for which I don't have much of a rooting interest, but I like Texas better than most California schools.  Texas is a great state I have visited a few times and really enjoyed, and I don't really hate anything about them.  So they get my nod.  Plus, Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation has been a something of a mentor to me on this blog, and that makes it easier for me to like them.  Not only that, I'm glad Rick Barnes didn't want to come to Kentucky -- I don't think he would have been  fit.  Hook 'em Horns!

Kansas vs. Villanova is a game I won't watch unless the other one is boring.  I have no great love for Kansas, and Villanova's name says it all to me -- similar to vanilla.  Booooorning.  Likely no watchy.  Kansas should beat the beans out of them, anyway.

Wisconsin vs. Davidson is slightly more interesting.  This Curry kid for Davidson has got my full attention, and I want to see him play.  It would be wild if Davidson won the NCAA tournament, and a big boost for the mid-majors, which I have a serious soft spot for.   Plus, they are called "Wildcats."  That's more than enough reason to pull for Del Curry's kid, as if being Del Curry's kid wasn't enough all by itself.

There's mine.  How 'bout yours?  The world awaits your wisdom below.