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The Roundabout: Crawling the Web for UK News

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OK, there isn't too much out there, but there is a little.  Today, we have a few recruiting tidbits, some football news, and some odds and ends to get us through the day.

As with many things UK these days, let's start with everybody's favorite recruiting soap opera, Scotty Hopson.  I am tempted to say this is the weirdest recruitment in UK history, but that would be just silly, especially coming off the Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas escapade just last year.  But it has become quite interesting if for no other reason than the reaction of many in the Big Blue Nation, who seem to see Hopson as the second coming of Michael Jordan.  But for now, on with the soap opera.

Via Aaron's Blog, we have a couple of stories that include Scotty.  First up is this USA Today story, where we find our intrepid hero giving us a list of his schools, including Kentucky and a new addition, Texas.  Jodie Demling expands on this a bit in a blog post today:

Hopson continues to say there's no leader and I have been told this list could change a bit. Several folks told me last week the latest addition could be Georgia, but now it appears Texas was that team that found its way onto the list.

Texas might be a little too far away for Scotty, but Rick Barnes is trying to use his familiarity card with University Heights. He coached former UHA star Greg Buckner at Clemson.
As Jodie says, it should be a fun few weeks.  To make it all even more interesting and to give the, "We can't call our recruiting class successful without Hopson" crowd the willies, this article from Kyle Veazey of the Clarion-Ledger   leaves Kentucky out of the picture altogether:
He'll visit Tennessee, Louisville and "maybe Texas," he said Tuesday. Hopson visited Mississippi State during a football weekend last fall.

But is MSU still in the mix?

"Oh of course, man, I've got to keep them in," said Hopson, who's in Milwaukee for tonight's McDonald's All-American Game. He's a member of the West team.
I can hear hearts all a-flutter across the Bluegrass now.

Thomas Beisner at Get Blitzed has a rundown of recent Mickey D's at Kentucky, and how he sees their career.  I'm sure a lot of Kentucky fans might quibble with his take on Rondo:
Rajon Rondo (2004) - This guy laid a big, fat turd. I'm sure everyone will want to jump all over me for this one and cite his NBA success, but the truth is that this douche was made for the League and his college career proved it. If there was a stat for most career dribbles, then Rondo would probably own it. The only problem with that?  Even though he could get to the rack for an easy lay-up whenever he wanted, he rarely did.  He just stood there dribbling.
Rondo did a lot of good things while he was here, but one thing seems certain -- he did not win the hearts of every UK fan.

In other recruiting news, Jodie Demling has this article on UK recruit Ater Majok, who will apparently be playing in the Derby Festival Classic.  This will make UK fans happy:
He said he had narrowed his 60-plus full scholarship college options
down to Baylor (Texas), the University of Connecticut - both of which
he has formally inspected - and Kentucky and Kansas, which he will
visit next month.

Moving on to a little football, a subject at which I have been remiss with the recent end of basketball season and the NCAA and NIT tourneys still in progress, we have this article from Steve Margee of Rivals taking a look at the 2008 version of the UK football team.  An interesting quote:
Three starters return on an offensive line that features plenty of depth. Kentucky also returns three starters in the secondary, including Lindley, who can be a star.
I cannot recall the last time Kentucky's offensive line was said to be a position of strength and "features plenty of depth."  As most of you know, the lines are where football games are won and lost in the SEC.  Yes, you have to have skill players, but if you have a great line on both sides of the ball, you can win games that you shouldn't win.  Fortunately, Kentucky has rarely been weak in the skill position area, and this year seems to be no exception, even though we have lost many stars.

Another interesting thing is the development of the secondary.  The year before last, Kentucky's secondary was among the weakest in the nation, and now it is said to be one of our strengths.  I think we really have to give props to Brooks and his coaching staff for focusing laser-like on the weak areas on this team, and getting help where it is needed most.

In some less happy football news, reports that André Woodson's NFL stock is sinking like the Titanic:
But a lot has changed since the 6-foot-5, 220-pounder led his team a to a 43-37 triple-overtime victory over the eventual national champion Tigers. First, he didn't win the Heisman Trophy as many speculated he might on that day. Second, it turns out that Woodson probably won't be drafted ahead of Brian Brohm, one of the two signal-callers along with Woodson whom many were tagging as the top two QB prospects at the time.

In fact, it's becoming increasingly likely that Woodson may not even be drafted in the first round. What's more, there's even talk that he won't be taken in the second.

Talk about a fall.
Ouch.  But the article does go on to point out that Woodson did good work last year in the SEC, which aught to count for something come draft time.  But it is becoming increasingly clear that Woodson has not made the NFL draft splash that many thought he would, despite his perfect size and strong arm.