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New (to me) name on the recruiting radar

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The name?  Jordan Henriquez of Long Island Port Chester (thanks to an alert reader who is not as geographically challenged as I), New York.

The vital statistics:  6'11' 215#, Class of 2008.  Long, athletic skinny guy.  Good shot blocker and rebounder.  Rivals ranks him as a 3-star big man, and he has said that he plans an official visit to UK.

Henriquez would not seem to be the ideal choice for Kentucky because of his slight frame, but according to The Cats Pause, Gillispie & Co. have offered him a scholarship, so they must see a lot of potential there.  As I am not a recruiting guru and do not play on on the Internet, I will say that I don't know beans about the guy.  But from what I have read, he seems more likely to wind up somewhere in the northeast.  Henriquez is said to have a good face-up game, soft hands and a lot of upside. has this to say about him:

2. Jordan Henriquez 6'11'' C Portchester HS (Portchester, NY)

Henriquez still is not done growing and should top out at over 7-feet. He plays with tremendous intensity and passion. Henriquez's length and shot-blocking ability made Renardo Sindey extremely frustrated when the two squared off. Though his post skills are still far from being ready, Henriquez demonstrated a nice outside shooting touch and knocked in a few three-pointers. If Henriquez can develop his offense and his body in the next year, he could be a top-end prospect come the end of his senior season at Portchester. [Emphasis mine]
He "frustrated Renardo Sidney?"  Hello!  Sidney is only the #1 ranked big man in the 2009 class.  3-point range?  Well.

That's just another name you can add to the mix.  We all knew that Gillispie was a recruiting whirlwind when he came, and it seems he is doing nothing to change that perception now that he is here.