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OPEN SHOT: Seth Davis is trying hard to get Gillispie away from UK

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I found this link on TCP, which made me smile.

First, Seth Davis all but assures us that Patrick Patterson is headed to the NBA.  Now, he is convinced that Oklahoma State has Gillispie on their radar, and can pry him away because T. Boone Pickens, the gazillionaire, is an OSU alum.

Oh, yeah, it's all about the money to Gillispie.  No doubt, the first second-tier college in the middle of nowhere with a billionaire booster will be able to scoop him right up from the most storied program in America.  Hey, Seth -- sometimes, money isn't the only thing.

Seth is a funny guy.  I think also just a few beers short of a six-pack.  Or perhaps, he's just missing that plastic thingy that holds it together.

This is an open thread.  Talk about anything Wildcat related.