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Time to take a stand and pick some teams -- The East

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While picking my brackets, I thought I would add a little analysis so you can compare what I'm thinking to yours.  Full discloser requires me to tell you that I have done very poorly except when I have picked Kentucky to win it all, which represents the only time I have ever won a bracket challenge.  So if you are looking for success, please do not listen to me.  For a guy who watches and analyzes a lot of basketball, I am crappy at picking tournament winners.

Anyone who hasn't headed over to the Sea of Blue tournament pick'em site, be sure to do so today or very early tomorrow before tipoff of the first game.  You can find the details in this post by TrickyD26 just down from here.

With that said, here we go:


First round:

Easy ones:
  • UNC over Mt. St. Marys -- too much size and talent.
  • Tennessee over American --  Ditto.
  • Louisville over Boise State -- No way Pitino loses this game.  Too deep and too big for Boise State.
  • Notre Dame -- Notre Dame is too hot for the Patriots right now, but a contrast in styles makes me wonder a bit about this one.

Tough ones:
  • Oklahoma over St. Joseph's -- That one looks easy on paper, but I have an idea it isn't.
  • Arkansas over Indiana -- This one looks too close to call to me, so I went with the SEC team.  But Arkansas is so hot and cold, and Indiana has no coach.  I have no real clue.
  • Butler over South Alabama -- I like the defense Butler plays, plus their ball security.  Turnovers really can hurt at Tournament time.

  • 4-13 Winthrop -- I just think Winthrop is playing better right now.

Second Round:
  • UNC over Arkansas -- The Razorbacks just don't have enough skill to beat the Tarheels, but the Razorbacks should love the pace.
  • Notre Dame over Winthrop --  Again, I like the way Notre Dame is playing right now, and I don't think Winthrop has enough.
  • Louisville over Oklahoma -- Cardinals should handle the Sooners.
  • Tennessee over Butler -- UT is just too talented for the Bulldogs.

Regional Semifinals:
  • North Carolina over Notre Dame -- This is going to be a tough game.  Both teams like to run, and Harangody is a match for Hansborough.
  • Tennessee over Louisville -- Another tough game.  Tennessee is just better at the running game than the Cards.  In reality, this one is too close to call, but I have to pick somebody.

Regional Finals:
  • Tennessee over North Carolina -- UNC is ripe for an upset, and Tennessee is capable.

There is my East bracket.  I'll have my other ones as the day goes along.  Treat this as an open thread to discuss the tournament.