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Time to take a stand and pick some teams -- The Midwest

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Continuing on with the bracket-picking today, I will move on to my choices for the Midwest region.

The Midwest region is headed up by Kansas and Georgetown, with Wisconsin and Vanderbilt getting the bottom two seeds of the top four.

Some interesting matchups in this bracket include O.J. Mayo's USC team against Michael Beasley's Kansas State.  That should really provide some fireworks as two of the best freshmen in the land go at it.

The potential Vanderbilt-Clemson matchup in the second round also piques my interest.  That should be a very fun game to watch.  Here is how I see the Midwest:


First round:

Easy ones:

  • Kansas over Portland State -- Portland State is a good little team, but over their head here.
  • Georgetown over UMBC --  UMB - who?  Tough spot for the first-time entrants.
  • Wisconsin over Cal St. Fullerton -- This one may be a bit closer than people think.  CSF beat Portland State earlier this year, and they are a decent team.  But I don't expect an upset.
  • Clemson over Villanova -- Clemson is hot, Nova is not.  I'm still not convinced Nova should be in over Syracuse.

Tough ones:
  • Vanderbilt over Sienna -- I actually think this could be an upset, but I am sticking with Vandy on principle
  • USC over Kansas State -- I don't think Kansas State belongs in the field.  USC should run over them.  KState can't defend anybody, and USC can.
  • Gonzaga over Davidson -- The Zags look way better on paper, but Davidson has given some good teams trouble this year, even though they didn't beat any.  Davidson finished the season on a major roll.

  • Kent State over UNLV -- Kent State has more success against better teams this year.  I am not a believer in UNLV.

Second Round:
  • Kansas over Kent State -- This could be a tough matchup for the Jayhawks, but I think they are too good to lose to Kent
  • Vanderbilt over Clemson -- Color me unimpressed with the ACC.  Vandy gets this one on size and Shan Foster.
  • Wisconsin over USC -- Wisconsin is just too disciplined and well coached to lose this one.
  • Georgetown over Gonzaga -- Hibbert is just too big, and the Hoyas too strong for the Zags.  This one could be close, though ... too close.

Regional Semifinals:
  • Kansas over Vandy -- I'm not sure this will be a competitive game.  Kansas is just better.
  • Wisconsin over Georgetown -- Bo Ryan > John Thompson III.

Regional Finals:
  • Wisconsin over Kansas -- Wisconsin is just so well coached and doesn't make a lot of mistakes.  They can handle the Hoyas like maybe no other team in the tourney.

There we go.  Comment away.

Update [2008-3-19 17:20:7 by Truzenzuzex]:  Bad news on the Jodie Meeks front.  Jerry Tipton quotes Gillispie as saying Meek's status is "Very, very doubtful ..."