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OPEN SHOT: Selection Sunday

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OK, folks, it is Selection Sunday.  It has been many years since Kentucky had to worry about being in the NCAA tournament, but there is reason for concern this year.

I have no idea who is in and who is out, but I do know that Kentucky has a case.  It may not be enough, and it is remotely possible that Georgia is in the process of earning the bid that would have gone to UK.  But that game is not yet over.  Many highly regarded pundits have us in the tournament, and very few of any credibility are leaving us out.  But last time I checked, the selection committee did not consult with Joe Lunardi and his ilk.

Whatever the case, this has been a very interesting year in the Big Blue Nation.  We have had moments of ecstasy and moments of abject depression, and I'm not sure which emotion we experienced more of.  But undeniably, this Kentucky team has turned itself completely around from the hapless, almost embarrassing efforts we saw early in the year to the tough, gritty performances the Cats seem to deliver every time out nowadays.

If Kentucky does get in the tournament, they will be a tough out.  The Cats are a very strong defensive team, and they are able to control the pace in every game they play.  That is a powerful capability that very few teams can claim, and in the short-turnarounds of NCAA competition, the Cats could make a very dangerous opponent if they get the right seed.

The comments below are for your observations and insights.  Avail the world of your wisdom.

Update [2008-3-16 17:42:57 by Truzenzuzex]:  Congratulations to Georgia, the SEC champions.  In what is one of the truly amazing stories in college basketball in the last decade, one of the worst teams in the SEC fought through the adversity of having to play two opponents in one day and a third less than 16 hours later to claim the SEC championship.  Visit Dawg Sports, the SB Nation Georgia blog, and congratulate them.  Even though Georgia's basketball fans are, at best, tepid as a group, there are some that are passionate about their Dawgs.

Simply an outstanding effort by the Bulldogs.  They have earned the respect of every passionate basketball fan today.