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The Roundabout: News and Opinion

Rather than just a bland news link dump today, I figured I would combine it with a bit of commentary, just because I can.

Some coverage of the game yesterday can be found at the following links:

Rick Bozich has this interesting piece about the tournament and the wild scene it produced.  I loved this quote:

At game time, UK fans outnumbered Georgia fans at least 8 to 1. Former Auburn coach Sonny Smith took a long look at Kentucky's turnout of considerably more than 400 and laughed. "I knew they knew how to breed horses in Kentucky, but I didn't know they could breed family members that quickly," Smith said.

"You can't say Kentucky fans aren't the best in the world, because they prove it every time. They're amazing. They always find a way to get in."

That is a weird microcosm of the passion of Kentucky fans for basketball.  Would Duke or UNC fans have had the desire and ingenuity to do the same?  I rather doubt it, but maybe.  Probably we'll never know.

Patrick Patterson expects to have surgery on his injured ankle.  This has been rumored for quite some time, and it looks like now it is going to happen.  Many are impressed that Patterson is still traveling with the team in spite of his injury, and praising his poise and toughness.  Also, wish PPat a happy birthday -- he turned 19 on Friday.

Dakotah Euton is moving from Rose Hill to Scott County.  Apparently, his father got relocated to Georgetown.

Seems the Bat Cats weren't bothered by the foul weather.  They beat the University of Alabama 15-2.  The rain did interrupt the game, but the teams were able to complete the game.  This is the first time since 1993 the Wildcats have come out on top on a series with the Tide.  Today, they will attempt to complete the hat trick.

Seems Gillispie is as sick as I am of Gerald Boudreaux:

As Gillispie passed Gerald Boudreaux, the coordinator of SEC officials, he could not resist a comment.

"Nice job," Gillispie was heard to say with a tone of sarcasm. "Nice job."

Boudreaux, a longtime referee before becoming an administrator, did not respond.

I hereby reiterate my call for Boudreaux to step down as SEC Coordinator of Officials.  I just know he is quaking in his boots in fear of my mighty keyboard, but I think he hurts our league.  Retire, Gerald, for the good of the conference.  Your time has passed.

Here is a longer article explaining the charges against Jared Carter's father.  The amount of money ($4,800.00) involved makes this a grand theft, and if he is convicted in a jury trial, he will likely do some time.  Apparently, this isn't Carter's first run-in with the law, as he was also charged as a persistent felony offender.  I really feel for Jared and the rest of his family.  Mr. Carter, on first glance, does not look like a model citizen, but we should all reserve judgment until after this is adjudicated and due process is satisfied.  Hang in there, Jared.

Dennis Felton and Georgia AD Damon Evans' persistent pessimism and digs at everybody during the SEC tournament irks me.  I generally like Felton, but I don't think he has exactly distinguished himself with his comments.  And Evans was bitching to ESPN about the number of UK fans that, through persistence and ingenuity, found a way to get admitted to the UK-Georgia game:

"I knew there would be a lot of Kentucky fans here," Evans said. "There was supposed to be a limit. I'm not going to get into that. I'm going to take the high road right now. I'm sure everybody tried to maintain that number and do what's appropriate. But you knew they'd show up. Kentucky has a big contingent and huge following. They're here, and it is what it is."

Some high road, Mr. Evans.  Do you want some cheese with that whine?

Here is an interesting blog post calling for the SEC tournament to be canceled.  What is interesting is that virtually every dire prediction/question this guy brought up came true, and yet here we are about to crown a championship game that includes one of the teams he (and many of us) thought could not overcome the worst possible scenario.

Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction.

Finally, here is a review of the 2007-2008 season at Wildcat Links.  Kind of cool, it brings back some strange emotions.