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According to all sources I can find, Kentucky's SEC Tournament quarterfinal game will be played at noon at Georgia Tech's Alexander Memorial Coliseum.

The tricks? In addition to the winner being forced to agree to play a second game that same day at 8:30-9 PM against a rested Mississippi State team, due to logistics and lack of time, there will be no non-family or necessary media and staff fan support for the noon game.

So the advantages Kentucky got for winning 12 games and receiving a bye in the first round? Yeah, those were negated first by postponing the game, allowing Georgia more time to rest, and then in an unthinkable way, by yanking the Big Blue Mist from the equation.

So Georgia effectively plays Kentucky with extra rest an hour from campus/home with no Kentucky fans.


Sure, it's an act of God, but Mike Slive had better know something we don't, because if Kentucky were to lose, understandably, to Georgia in this next game and then be booted from the Field of 65, there will be a pitchfork and fire-wielding mob making its way up I-64 from Lexington to burn Indianapolis to the ground.

More as it develops.