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OPEN SHOT: SEC Tourney & more ...

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While Tru and I gather ourselves for some posting over this busiest of tournament weekends, here's a little someplace to post your thoughts.

A few nuggets to get us started:

  • TCP has a new interview up with Texas JUCO forward Roderick Flemings that puts the Cats in the driver's seat for this former Oklahoma St. signee and scoring machine. A second JUCO, this time as a scorer, would seemingly close the door on Scotty Hopson (or not), and would mean a 2008 class of DeAndre Liggins, Darius Miller, Kevin Galloway and this Flemings dude.
  • JUCO signings are an interesting choice for Gillispie, who got a late jump on recruiting for 2008 (and even 2009, in some ways) when he came over from Texas A&M. They upgrade the overall talent level immediately, and they don't clog up your recruiting for 2010, where the Cats already have two verbal commitments.
  • Kentucky plays Friday evening's late game, against the winner of Ole Miss-Georgia. Everyone seems to think Ole Miss is a shoo-in, I do not.
What else you got, BBN?