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The loss of Patrick Patterson for the year is causing a psychic malaise among the Big Blue Nation.  I have seen it in your comments, and I felt it in my own heart.  But the time for self-pity is already gone.  Enough, I say!

We are the Kentucky Wildcats, the winningest college basketball team in the United States.  We do not hang our heads when players get hurt.  We tend to our wounded, and we tend to our business on the court.  Yes, this is a blow, but we still have a bunch of determined, hard-working players out there who deserve every iota of support we can give them.  These kids have busted their behinds this year to try to pull off the improbable, and by God, I will not give up on them.

The time has come for others to jump into the breach and take up the fight.  We have other players who have been battling Patterson all year long in practice, and now it's time for them to step up and play ball.  It is an opportunity for them to show their great worth, and an opportunity for this team to show that it is more than just one man, or three men.  It is a team that will take up the proverbial sword and count themselves worthy of that jersey they wear, of that legacy they represent.

DO NOT give up on this team.  If we infect them with negativism it will be US who brought them down.  They have worked too long and too hard, and it isn't as if we are unable to field a team or have to take the floor with 4 players.  We still have Ramel and Joe, and everyone else is going to reach down deeper than they ever have and play with all their heart, whatever the outcome.  The very least we fans can do is live or die every moment with them, and not drag them down into a pit of black despair.

So enough!  Times are tough, so what?  The pity party can be found in the thread just below, and I am done with it.  From now on, let's stand up with our team and show them that no matter what misfortune is laid in their path, we will be with them every single step of the way.  Anybody can be a fan during good times, but these are the times that try fans' souls, and if we allow the darkness to consume us, it will become part of us forever.  We must refuse to go down, and refuse to give up.