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J.B. Holmes -- Making Kentucky Proud

I didn't get to blog this timely, but J.B. Holmes made an awesome stab at knocking off the # 1 player in the world in the Accenture Match Play Challenge last week.  As far as I know, he came the closest to knocking off Tiger Woods of anyone who played him, and Tiger had to hole a long eagle put to finally go one up in the match.  Tiger held on on #18 for the win.

Alan Hammond of has another article up about how J.B. is doing.  It is interesting that his power even menaces Tiger Woods a bit, and when Holmes is hitting it straight and putting well, he is very tough.  No par four that I know of is long enough to prevent Holmes from getting a short-iron look, and that makes a huge difference.  It's a whole lot easier to hit an 8-iron close than it is a 4-iron.  After the Accenture Match Play event, Holmes took a slight dip in the FEDEX Cup standings down to #5 and #8 on the Ryder Cup standings list.

This week is the Honda Classic at PGA National in Palm Beach, and from what I can tell, J.B. isn't in the field for this one, so he must be taking the week off.  It is pretty exciting to think that an ex-UK golfer could possibly make the Ryder Cup field, and I can tell you that it would dramatically increase the interest locally in an event that is sure to be riveting, especially since it is happening right here in Kentucky.

Go, J.B.! Go Cats!