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MONDAY OPEN SHOT: Talk about the Cats

A couple of items of interest just crossed my feed reader, and I thought I'd throw them out there for discussion.

John Clay has a blog post about an Arkansas writer who blames the officiating for the Razorback's loss this weekend.  I saw it when it came out, but most of the Hog bloggers out there made no such excuses, which makes you wonder why the MSM'ers like Hall can't show the same class.  

Bluesteel at Wildcat Fan Report brings us a few updates on our graduating seniors at the Combine.  There have been several other reports out of there as well, and most of the Cats are looking good.

Here's a nice piece by Mike Huguenin of, looking at the state of play in college basketball and noting the sharp improvement of the Kentucky Wildcats.

Discuss anything Wildcat related, or stories you may have come across that I didn't.  The world is ready for your wisdom ...