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Video of "The Stomp"

Many of you have been asking for this, and today, I ran across a piece of video from the 1992 Duke vs. Kentucky game that includes the Laettner Stomp.

I hadn't seen this in a while, and I admit, it really looks bad.  It starts at about the 8 second point and lasts till about the 13 or 14 second point.

Not only does Laettner knock Timberlake onto the ground, he then proceeds to stomp on his chest, absolutely unprovoked, as if knocking him down just wasn't enough.  This wasn't the love-tap I remembered it being, there was noticeable compression of Timberlake's chest and solar plexus.  Laettner's action was significantly more malicious and dangerous-looking than I remembered.  That just goes to show you how unreliable memory can be.