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Fake Gimel's News Reel

Since my last effort turned into a Homer-esk epic -- in word length, not in quality -- I thought I'd throw down a few ideas that are bouncing around in my head.

Dateline: Today on the Internets -- Jeb at Logelevel wonders if Arkansas fans know that John Pelphrey is Kentucky Proud. If Vincent Hunter sees around 10 minutes of action in the second half for no good reason, we should all run out to Krogers and buy as many Kentucky-grown items that can fit in our shopping buggies.

Also, wouldn't it be nice if South Carolina and LSU would hire Sean Woods and Deron Feldhaus. I mean, that would be perfect, wouldn't it? Muh-hahaha!

Update [2008-2-22 11:39:24 by TheFakeGimelMartinez]: Check out The Hog Tale's in-depth report on Phelprey's starting lineup and gameplan. I think he's a little worried. :)

Dateline: Today in Bloomington, Indiana -- With Kelvin Samson nearing the end of his tenure at the University of Indiana, Deadspin reports that several of the players are pulling a Jimmy Chitwood:

According to the sources, after Greenspan informed five selected players -- namely D.J. White, Eric Gordon, Kyle Taber, Lance Stemler and Adam Ahlfeld -- of his decision to replace Sampson he called a meeting with the entire team in an attempt to "prepare" them for Friday's official announcement that Sampson would either be suspended or terminated in time for the Hoosiers' weekend game at Northwestern. But before Greenspan finished his speech, the sources said an unidentified player stood up and insisted "if Sampson ain't coaching, we ain't playing" and that Greenspan responded with what he thought was a rhetorical question. "Greenspan asked if he should just cancel the whole season," one source said. "And the player told him 'We don't care what you do. But if Sampson ain't coaching, we ain't playing.' And then they just walked out."

I don't know about you guys, but I could take a few more years of watching another Crawford jersey inside Rupp. I would strongly suggest those of you who've bashed big brother to start making things right. How about a nice fruit basket made of Kentucky fresh produce? Please note that the NCAA frowns on shipping lettuce directly to player-athletes by air-express.

Update [2008-2-22 12:7:33 by TheFakeGimelMartinez]: ESPN reports that a Indiana official claims that no decision was made until today, and there was no team meeting yesterday. Thanks, chirop1!

Dateline: Tonight in Memorial Coliseum -- 490 students and 100 support volunteers will be shaking their booties for cancer tonight. The DanceBlue organization pursues donations and pledges year-round leading up to their 24-hour Dance Marathon that starts tonight at 7PM. Last year 317 dancers raised over $240,000 for the Golden Matrix fund, which supports the families of children diganosed with cancer.

During the UK-Arkansas game, a live feed of the Dance Marathon will be shown inside Rupp Arena. DanceBlue invites everyone after the game to swing by the Dance Marathon, where they will be honoring Golden Matrix recipents and their families. (Dancing while visiting is optional, of course.)

When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Even then, I knew that I had a "good" cancer, compared to the kids I saw suffering through leukemia and other more deadly forms of cancer. If you have a few bucks, please considering donating to DanceBlue this year or for next year.

Dateline: Today on EA Sports -- Information regarding the new NCAA Football 09 for Wii has been released. EA is holding a voting contest to see which team's mascot will be featured on the cover of the game. How great would it be if the Big Blue Nation over-powered the voting service and forced our beloved Wildcat on the cover? I think it would be a fitting tribute to the success of Rich Brooks and our players.

Head to the NCAA 09 site to vote. You can only vote once a day per computer. Something tells me that we can pull this off, considering we are the state that invented the phrase "vote early, vote often." ;)

Update [2008-2-22 11:56:33 by TheFakeGimelMartinez]: I almost forgot! A few weeks back I asked for a Patrick Patterson Terminator photoshop, and Carissa provided this awesome effort:

Thanks, Carissa C.!