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Bubble Reps: Side by side, who's up?

Here's a little feature I'm sure Jerry Tipton and his myriad basketball wizards will enjoy. A little blind taste test to see just how Bubble-licious the Wildcats' NCAA chances are at this point.

The formula is take one team from another power conference, set them up side by side with our boys and see what the real UK experts think.

Here's where the Wildcats stand at this point:

13-10 overall
7-3 SEC conference (#5 conf., Pomeroy)
Current RPI: #71
SOS: #25
Good wins: Tennessee (#1 RPI), Vandy (#10 RPI),
Bad losses: Gardner-Webb (#222 RPI, home), San Diego (#115 RPI, home), -41 to Vandy (#10 RPI, road)
"Good" losses: North Carolina (#4 RPI), Louisville (#15 RPI)
Last 10: 7-3

Now, this team is starting to rise up the Bubble Charts. Can you name them?

Mystery Bubble Team A
6-5 (Conf. RPI rank #1)
Current RPI: #61
SOS:  88
Good wins: Duke (#3 RPI), BYU (#29 RPI)
Bad losses: Georgia (#123 RPI), -39 pts. to Boston College (#92 RPI, road)
"Good" losses: Vandy (#10 RPI)
Last 10: 5-5

So...what do you think?

Mystery Bubble Team A has fewer "bad" losses, and we've all heard about the GW and San Diego losses, so we know those are minefields for the Cats' chances.

But where is the beef? OK, a win over Duke is good, but after that? Plus, while the conference rank is stronger, BTA's league is looking at a max of 5 bids. The SEC, for all its bad press, could sneak in 6 or even 7 while we're dreaming.

What say you, amateur bracket mavens?