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J.B. Holmes could be a Ryder Cupper

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Alan Hammond, another Wildcat fan and a resident of Lexington is the Golf Feature Writer for, and he has written an excellent story featuring Holmes and his Ryder Cup potential.  I haven't given this enough attention, which seems weird considering I am an avid golfer and ... wait for it ... will be attending all 5 days of the Ryder Cup matches in Louisville this year (yes, I know you are jealous).

J.B. Holmes is a University of Kentucky grad and former golf team member, and won the FBR Open a few days ago for the second time.  By doing so, vaulted himself up to #5 in the Ryder Cup standings.  Holmes is a two-time Kentucky Open winner and MVP of the UK golf team every year he played, as well as an Academic All-American in 2005.  On tour, J.B. is known for his ridiculous length, averaging well over 300 yards off the tee.  In the FBR Open, Holmes smoked a 359 yard (!) tee shot down the middle of the fairway on the first hole of a playoff with Phil Mickelson, setting up a short approach and an 8-foot birdie which he made for his second tour win.

I think somebody like Holmes would be a wonderful addition to the Ryder Cup team, not just because of his local connection to Kentucky and UK, but because of his incredible, breathtaking power off the tee.  While he is still pretty raw, he would bring a competitive fire and a swagger to the event that the U.S. team could really use, very much like one of the other players on my wish list, Woody Austin.  We need that fire in the belly, and in my humble opinion, some of our best players are just a bit too calm and dispassionate.  We need more overt, demonstrative competitiveness, and I think that both Holmes and Austin would bring that.  Besides, we just need more "bomb and gouge" players on our Ryder Cup teams.

Go, J.B!  Go, Cats!