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Missississippi Valley State @ Kentucky: Open Game Thread

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This is the official A Sea of Blue Open Game thread for the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils vs. the Kentucky Wildcats today at 4:00 PM in Rupp Arena.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to do a full-blown pre-game on this, so we will have to settle for a few basics about MVSU:

  • Enrollment: 3767
  • Mascot/Colors: Delta Devils/Forest Green & White
  • Coach: Sean Woods
  • Conference Affiliation: Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC)
  • Record this year: 0-9
  • Stats from

Game info:

The return of Sean Woods, former Unforgettable, to Rupp Arena as the head man of MVSU and the memorial ceremony for Bill Keightley are probably the two most significant things about this game. MVSU is an opponent we must face, but there should be relatively little in the way of actual opposition for UK. MVSU has yet to register a victory in nine tries so far, and Rupp Arena would seem to be an unlikely place to start.

I really have little to say about this game except a loss here after last night's affair would likely cause peasants with pitchforks to descend on the UK Athletic Department. Not happening. Not that MVSU should be taken lightly, but by way of comparison, Lamar University was 5-0 against arguably better competition than MVSU has faced so far this year. This my be the weakest team in all of division I-A

What I will be looking for:

  1. Defensive intensity -- I expect the Delta Devils to play some zone against us. We'll see if UK can attack their zone like they failed to attack the Miami zone.
  2. Point guard -- You know my feelings on this. I shall not elaborate here.
  3. Post play -- Will we get the ball into the post this game? I have no idea, but I sure hope so.
  4. Rebounding -- If we don't dominate this team on the glass, it will be an abject failure no matter what the score is.
  5. Attack the rim -- Settling for 3-pointers today will only further enrage the UK faithful.

This is really a no-win situation for Kentucky coming off last night's disappointing performance. Fail to blow out this team by 40 or 50 will result in even more angst in the Big Blue nation. Even if UK scores 200 points, nobody will be convinced it means anything.

So let's hope we see some good basketball today, no matter what it means. I'll be trying to figure out if we learned anything from yesterday, but I don't know if even my discerning scrutiny will produce anything conclusive.

Enjoy the game. Go 'Cats!